Physical inspection

  • Condition of scanners is very important in determining value.
  • If the scanner is wired, check the ends of the cable for damage and check the cable itself for cuts, kinks or scraps that may make the cable bad.
  • Check the case of the scanner for cracks, missing parts, broken glass, broken keypad, cracked screen or other major defects.
  • Defects and missing parts should be mentioned in the notes field.

Testing the scanners

  • If scanners are in good condition they are to be tested. Even if they are missing the cables USB cables are universal and can be removed and connected to many scanners for testing.
  • If the cables are serial, pos, ps2 or other connections the cables will have to be disconnected and a USB cable connected for testing.
  • If the scanner is USB, it is to be plugged directly into the audit station. It may take a minute or two for the drivers to download or update before being able to test the scanner.
  • Units may need to be set default with manufacturer demo sheet.
  • Wireless and Bluetooth units may need to be charged before testing.
  • Once the unit is detected by Windows, open a text or word document.
  • Check the laser to make sure it strength is good and not a weak light. Make sure laser is full beam and not a partial beam.
  • Make sure the cable is in good condition.
  • Try scanning a barcode and making sure the number comes out correct. Scan the barcode a couple of times and try a different style or two.
  • If the unit scans correct, it is a good unit and can be passed.
  • Test enter or tab configuration barcode to make sure the scanner can be programmed with rules.
  • Reset to default after finished.



  • Scanners should have their full model number used.
  • They should be passed or failed.
  • If scanners have more than normal wear, it is to be mentioned.
  • Accessories and other parts are to be included and mentioned. (Bases/cradles, cords, power supplies or other components as received with the units.
  • Cable style should be mentioned in the notes. (ps2, pos, usb, serial)
  • If the scanner is failed, it should mention what is missing or wrong with the unit. If it is missing a lot of component s and not unusable for parts, it should be mentioned as scrap.
  • Description should be Barcode Scanner, Wireless Barcode Scanner.

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