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Plug in the power cable, Ethernet cable, mouse, keyboard and barcode scanner into a computer with a TechR2 PID sticker. The computer will PXE boot to the wiping server. Type admin and admin for the username and password. Press the Login button. On the next screen, select All Hard Drives slide button Select DOD 3 Pass Wipe on the listbox Select Verify Wipe. Select Short for Smart setting. Input your IM login initials for the Account #. Scan the barcode PID number for the Job
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General Auditing Guidelines All equipment is to be audited with as much details as possible on the functionality of the unit, cosmetic condition and if the unit is missing parts, and what accessories they have. Currently all memory and processors are to be left in all failed computers. (Laptops, Servers and Desktops.) Audit notes must always be checked before an audit is started. Asset Tags as well as other company tag must be removed on all equipment. All Misc Items are to have a
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1 -Racking (Rolling Rack) Check with the department manager before starting to work for the order in which the audits are to be racked. Before starting an Audit, check for any discrepancies with the pallet tag and the product on the pallet. Notify the Supervisor if any discrepancies are found. Before the pallet is opened, the employee is to check Inventory Manager by going to “Customer Management” and clicking on View Open Work Order. They are to check for any special instructions.
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This document is to show the marks that are to be placed on the PID stickers of the equipment based upon passed or failed and the components or condition of the unit. For passed equipment, the marks are to be in Blue.   Computer Symbols Symbol Description   2 A blue 2 is for passed laptops and computers which have a 2 core processor. Some of these processors are Core 2 Duo, Core Duo, Centrino Duo Core, 3 A blue 3 is for passed laptops or desktops with processors that have 3
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Physical inspection Condition of scanners is very important in determining value. If the scanner is wired, check the ends of the cable for damage and check the cable itself for cuts, kinks or scraps that may make the cable bad. Check the case of the scanner for cracks, missing parts, broken glass, broken keypad, cracked screen or other major defects. Defects and missing parts should be mentioned in the notes field. Testing the scanners If scanners are in good condition they are
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Physical inspection of the Computer First grab the computer from the cart and check for any case damage or missing parts. If the units have any major defects, case parts missing, cd-rom missing or other major components, the unit should be failed. DESKTOPS: If the unit exterior looks good, open the case and check to make sure that the ram, cpu and hard drive are present. LAPTOPS: Also check for bad components like capacitors and fans or cables that are broken or missing. For laptops
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The auditor is to bring the audited media over to the degaussing station. The unit is then to be powered up and check to make sure the foot pedal is operating properly. The auditor is to then take the hard drive, data tape or other storage media and set flat on the degaussing surface. The drive is to have the circuit board facing up on the degausser. Once on the degaussing surface, the pedal is pressed to start the degaussing of the media. The media is degaussed for 5 seconds.
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This process is to keep track of hard drives and tapes from the time they are audited till the time they are sent to be scrapped and recycled. The hard drives and tapes first receive a pid sticker once the audit is started. After all of the drives receive a pid they are stored in a lock box till the media is to be audited. The Auditor first audits the pid into the database and proceeds to audit the rest of the tapes and hard drive in the lock box till they are all entered in according
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Failed Laptop Condition (Laptop will fail if they have any of these conditions or defects and put into the pallet laptopfixablebin) Laptop does not have a hard drive. Laptop does not have memory. Missing/Broken keys. Keys have excessive wear. No battery. No optical drive. Small chips or cracks. (No major cracks or broken parts) Failed Laptops to be sold as scrap. (Laptops will be put into the scrap laptop bin if missing more than two components or have these defects.)
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From a Terminal command line, type: diskutil secureErase freespace VALUE /Volumes/DRIVE That tells your Mac to securely erase the free space on your SSD. You’ll need to change VALUE to a number between 0 and 4. 0 is a single-pass run of zeroes; 1 is a single-pass run of random numbers; 2 is a 7-pass erase; 3 is a 35-pass erase; and 4 is a 3-pass erase. DRIVE should be changed to the name of your hard drive. To run a 7-pass erase of your SSD drive in “Peters-Macbook”, you would enter